The start of something great!  What, where, and when , “Spriggs Barbecue”  in  Meeker, Oklahoma in 1948.     The Spriggs’ Barbecue place was known as a “Beanery”  which means a small shack.   The original menu was pork ribs and pork shoulder orders.   Customers would come from miles around to eat their pork shoulder and ribs.  The food was so good that if  the “beanery” was closed the customers would come to our home and beg for the barbecue and sauce.

Ms. Lula M. Spriggs, Mom did the cooking and seasoning for  the meat rub.  She also created  the famous “dip” – now known as barbecue sauce.   Glasco W. Spriggs, Dad  was the great pit master.   He  knew which woods to use for heat and smoking the meat.  Blackjack for heat and Hickory for smoking the meat and for flavor.

Although  the Spriggs’ Beanery closed it doors about 40 yeas ago,  the Spriggs Barbecue and secret sauce has continued to  be successful.

Richard Spriggs, learned to cook when he was about 8 years old  by just watching his mom, it was at this young age that he became interested in having a barbecue place of his own.  In 1985 Richard’s childhood hopes became a reality and he opened Mr. Spriggs BBQ in Midwest City, Oklahoma.

My Dad, Richard Spriggs  a second generation Pit Master and Myself , Christopher Spriggs a third generation of the Spriggs family, operates the Spriggs Barbecue Restaurant in Midwest City, Oklahoma.

Today we have an extended menu which includes, Pork Ribs, Chopped Pork, Beef Brisket (sliced and chopped ), smoked sausage, Hot links, Chicken and Burgers.  We also have four flavors of sauce Mild, mixed, hot and “911”.

We love what we do and our customers love our barbecue,  as our slogan says “Mr. Spriggs “Real” Pit Barbecue is guaranteed good –  featuring Mom’s homemade sauce.”